Scene Change Detection

Brewster Alexander now provides Video Analytics on all of our IP Cameras.  Advanced Scene Detection can detect when a scene changes.  For example, it can detect if a camera is rotated or if the camera is pointed in a different direction.  This is different from video loss and video tamper detection.  Video tamper detection is also available, it detects if a camera has been covered up.  For example by a plastic bag or if someone has spray painted the lens.  Also, when you use our Advanced Tribrid Video Servers the servers will also capture and mark the video with the alerts, allowing you to playback and view live the events.  The server will also send real-time alerts to workstations with live streaming video.  All of the zones, and events and alert rules can also be scheduled to run at certain times.  Below is a screen shot of the setup screen for Scene Change Detection.  

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