Virtual Plane / Line Detection

Brewster Alexander now provides Video Analytics on all of our IP Cameras.  Advanced Virtual Plane / Line Detection can detect when an object crosses a line or plane in a certain direction.  Once an object crosses the line in the specified direction the camera can perform several actions.  The camera itself can send an email, upload images to a FTP site, trigger alarm inputs and outputs, and notify video workstations running our remote software.  Also, when you use our Advanced Tribrid Video Servers the servers will also capture and mark the video with the alerts, allowing you to playback and view live the events.  The server will also send realtime alerts to workstations with live streaming video.  All of the lines, events and alert rules can also be scheduled to run at certain times.  Below is a screen shot of the setup screen for Virtual Plane / Line Detection.  Below the screen shot is a short explination of the settings.

Virtual Plane: Select which line you are currently setting up.  You can have up to 4 different line per camera.

Direction: This selects the direction that the object must cross this line for it to be an alarm.  For example you can have object entering a door be an alarm but object exiting a door not be alarm.

Sensitivity: Range 1 to 100. The higher the value the smaller the object has to be to cause and alarm.

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