About Us

Digital video surveillance is the latest trend and development in the security industry. Customers are demanding more advanced surveillance systems for more secure and effective security monitoring. With today’s advanced technologies and high speed data transmission, made possible via the internet, surveillance technology can now offer real-time transmission and monitoring of video and audio from anywhere in the world.

Brewster Alexander has designed and developed products based on an open architecture with unique and powerful surveillance functionalities. Brewster Alexander’s products allow you to implement traditional PC based DVRs, Embedded DVRs, IP Based Cameras, IP Based Encoders and the latest HD-SDI technology in the same system.

Our Flagship products are the BASys Max Series of DVRs which provide a common front end to all of our products. Also, our remote monitoring and management software allows you to utilize the internet for remote, video monitoring, PTZ camera control and audio communication. We use all of the latest technologies to ensure that our products are the most advanced and stay at the forefront of the industry.

In 2002, Brewster Alexander (BA) was formed and resides in the shadow of the Gateway Arch in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Experienced in the complexities of the new digital era of CCTV, BA began as the North American Distributor for a well known Chinese manufacturer of Digital Video Recorders. With an extensive background in software development and the CCTV industry, BA quickly outgrew the product offerings of the manufacturer and soon the BASys Max Tribrid Digital Video System was conceived. A product that far surpassed their prior product line in higher frames per second and much greater compression, the HDVS gives the maximum viewing potential as well as the greatest storage in server. Product evolved utilizing all three CCTV analog and IP devices combining into a solution for the many applications required in the Security Industry. BA has been successful in working with government entities that require a secure and encrypted format to be placed on any military network (SSAA) When it comes to a solution driven manufacturer, look to BA for all of your CCTV/Surveillance requirements.